Friday, August 8, 2008

We finally are moving!

We finally found a house in our ward and school! It is in the Woodlands just walking distance from the new elementary school. The kids are excited about that! I am just excited knowing we will not have to CAMP for a while. The house is small, but it is making me cut some of our junk in half. It is a three bedroom with an office. The office is going to do double duty with being a guest room, playroom, and computer room. We may even put the TV in there. Speaking of, we are turning the Satellite off, so wish me luck. I don't know how I'll survive, but I'm sure I'll at least accomplish alot! Anyway, I have lots of packing to do, I'll get pictures of the house sometime through the move.


Heather and Don said...

I hope your move goes well! When do the kids start school? Cute pictures of Hawaii!

Cassie said...

Same here Megan. Wish you best.

Nichole said...

new post please!!!! you lazy such and such =D

We're moving Jan 1, 2009 to (haha gotcha)

Please update your bookmarks and for officer safety please remove all mention of our last name from your blog. The perils of fame =D

Nichole said...

just cuz you're a facebook addict doesn't mean you can neglect the bloggerific bloggity blog!