Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi All! So June was a fun filled month! We went to Maui thanks to my parents! My Dad retired and so my parents decided to take some money they earned from selling land, business, etc. to send their children and families to Hawaii. Yes, poor us. We really suffered. The miracle of it was, my mother suffered from a stroke just days before we left. We were of course frightened for her, and the loss of her. Instead she proved to everyone and life that a once in a life time trip to Hawaii with all of her family was too important to let even a stroke keep her from going. She was on the plane 4 days later. She doesn't remember how she got to Hawaii, but we all do. This incident didn't only make us appreciate our mother all the more, but it made us appreciate our ability to be together as a family unit. We were literally in Paradise with our whole family and their families. We had a glimpse of how it will be in the after life. I was so amazed at how this incident made our vacation mean so much more. None of the trip was taken for granted! I am pleased to say, my mother is still recovering by leaps and bounds. She is a very strong individual!
These pictures I am posting are a few from our trip. You can tell my kids definitely soaked up the Hawaiian sun!

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